FAPESP Week Beijing concludes amidst expectations of Brazilian-Chinese partnership
Over a three-day period in Beijing, researchers from different fields lectured and discussed findings of their research at institutions in São Paulo and China

Mass production of carbon nanotubes is still far off
Our knowledge of efficient methods of producing this material of great interest to the microelectronics, custom essay writing uk optics and other industries is still insufficient, says professor at China’s Tsinghua University

Researchers uncover defense code for sugarcane
Bioethanol group at INCT identifies mechanisms used by sugarcane plants to resist invasion by microorganisms and enzymatic hydrolysis. Discovery paves the way for production of second-generation ethanol

Plant growth hormone is focus of Chinese research
Group led by Hongwei Guo, of Peking University, obtains important results in a study of the functioning of phytohormones, which regulate fruit maturation and defend against pathogens

Brazilian Earth System Model is presented in China
Paulo Nobre, a researcher at CPTEC-INPE, highlights the importance of creating models suited to Brazil’s particular features, and of stimulating a new generation of climate scientists

Researchers develop material with applications in nanotechnology and microelectronics
Unicamp group obtains structure from crystalline silicon with self-organized nickel nanoparticles on the surface; fabrication process was presented at FAPESP Week Beijing

Chinese develop model for studying pollutants
Researchers at Peking University estimate global emissions from 1960 to 2030 and carcinogenic potential of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Brazilian researchers make discoveries in electrostatics
INOMAT group discovers electricity derived from humidity and unveils mechanisms for producing energy through friction. Research findings were presented at FAPESP Week Beijing

Brazilian biodiversity is the subject of an exhibition in Beijing
Exhibition entitled Brazilian Nature – Mystery and Destiny arrives in China, where it will be on display until April 29 at Peking University

FAPESP Week Beijing promotes scientific cooperation between Brazil and China
Peking University and FAPESP open symposium to broaden the exchange of uk essay writing service research between the two countries

FAPESP funded researchers present an overview of science in Brazil during China visit 
Meeting in Beijing, Brazilians and Chinese will discuss studies in different fields to increase joint research between the two countries